Custom Engraving Services

Leave your mark with Bolder Engraving. Custom engraving options with no limit in size, from staff appreciation gifts to branding your walk ways and windows, we can engrave them all. One of the only two CNC and laser engravers in South Carolina, we guarantee a high quality final product with the hospitality you’d expect from any Southern owned business. Call us to start your design today! 

Custom engraving makes a lasting impression

Stop throwing your money away on cheap items that nobody wants to have cluttering their offices or homes.

Stop wasting your money on radio ads no one will hear.

Treat your brand with the respect it deserves, etch your legacy in stone with Bolder Engraving. 

Be proud of what you’ve built.

Bolder Engraving strives to help you create a one of a kind masterpiece. With our CNC engraving technology and your ideas, we can create a work of art that everyone will love. Challenge us to help make your next bold statement become a reality!

Business Engraving

Decorative Engraving

Laser Engraving

Glass and Marble Engraving

The CNC machine we have at Bolder Engraving is gentle enough to engrave glass and strong enough to engrave marble. Which means the possibilities you have to brand your company is limitless. From driveways to the desk in your office, your logo can add an elegant touch to any surface. Browse our gallery of work for example. 

Decorative CNC Engraving

Tired of painting your address on your curb every year? Want a elegant design that ages better than vinyl? 

CNC Engraving can add that decorative final touch on any property. From your backyard to your vacation house, call Bolder Engraving for your custom designs. 

For the hand held projects we like to use our laser engraving machine. Here at Bolder Engraving we know that every impression matters, that is why help you design the perfect bulk gift or promo for your company. Want to experience the quality before you buy in bulk? Shop our store of commonly requested personal items from business owners around South Carolina. 

Laser Engraving

Customer Orders, Shop Pre-Made Designs

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