High Quality Multi-Purpose Wood Engraving Services

You don’t always need wood engraving services, and when you do it is not always for the same purpose. This can lead to wasting valuable time trying to locate a laser wood engraving service. If you partner with us for your wood sign, plaque, and gifts, we will be able to assist you now and in the future, regardless of the wood objects or designs you require engraved.

We can handle any design, font, or graphic you throw at us. If you want to be sure, contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss your wood type and desired design.

Unlimited Wood Engraving Options for Gifts, Plaques, Signs, and More

When you use our wood engraving services, you have unlimited options as to what can be engraved. You can use our service to engrave items such as:

  • Commemorative or decorative plaques
  • Family crest or Organization Seal
  • Wooden signs, including address markers
  • Wooden gifts, such as cutting boards, cigar boxes, or other decorative pieces

With our computer assisted laser engraving services, we can engrave any design or font into the wood of your choice. The possibilities of what you can have engraved into which types of woods are limited by your imagination alone.

Laser Engraved wood, leather, stone and more from Bolder Engraving

Engraving Services for Any Piece of Wood

Many wood engravers use older engraving methods, and as such they may be limited in the types of wood that they can work with. That can make finding a reliable and versatile engraving partner difficult. Here at Bolder Engraving, we have a portable CNC machine and a large Laser engraving machine in house. That means we can engrave almost any type of wood object, so long as it has a flat surface.

The best wood engravings are done on light woods such as:

  • Alder
  • Douglas Fir
  • Balsa
  • Cork

You can also engrave harder woods. The more resin in the wood, the darker the engraving will be.

Custom Laser Wood Engraving Services for All Projects in the Midlands

Boulder Engraving is proud to be the leading partner in the Midlands for all types of wood engraving and other laser engraving services. Not only can we handle all types of wood, we can engrave almost any other object for you as well, whether it be metal, stone, or glass. With one go to partner for all of your laser engraving needs, you’ll save time, headache, and money.

Why work with our talented and revered craftsmen?

  • We can engrave any design, font, or graphic you require using our computer assisted laser engraver and our talented CAD drafters.
  • We are unlimited in type, shape or size of wood, as long as it has a flat surface.
  • Our experienced craftsmen are the most knowledgeable in the use of our specialized laser engraving machines.

Ready to get your wood plaques, signs, or gifts engraved with a trusted service provider? Contact us today to schedule your service appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about stone engraving below.

Can you laser engrave stained wood?

Yes. The laser engraving may be darker on stained wood, but it will not otherwise mark or damage the rest of the piece.

How do you clean wood after laser engraving?

We clean with a damp cloth, wood oil soap and/or cutting board oil. It is recommended that you dust your engraved wood pieces frequently with a dry cloth or duster.

Is a certain type of wood best for laser engraving?

All wood varieties engrave differently and provide a different outcome due to the grain structure. If you prefer a darker engraving, go with a wood that has more resin, like Cherry.

How deep should the laser engraving be?

Laser engraved wood depth varies based on wood type. Router engraved wood depth can be adjusted to whatever is desired. 

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