Custom Stone Engraving for All Occasions

Finding gravestone engravers is a piece of cake, but finding stone engraving services for corporate or agency purposes can be difficult. Not only do you need to find an engraver able to handle your specific project, they also have to be able to engrave that type of stone. We offer a versatile range of stone engraving services to meet most needs of businesses, nonprofits, and agencies.

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Stone Signs, Commemorative Plaques, Entrance Property Markers, and Other Custom Stone Engraving

Stone engraving isn’t a service that comes up often, but when you partner with us we will be able to meet every need you have for stone markers or signs whenever they arise, regardless of the details. This allows you to get your projects completed faster, saving time by not needing to search for a service provider. You will always have us to turn to, whenever or whatever you need.

We are able to engrave any stone object portable enough to bring to our shop. Some common examples include:

  • Stone address signs
  • Commemorative stone plaques for parks and courtyards
  • Town, Neighborhood, Subdivision, or Property Name Stone Markers for Entrances
  • Industrial or office complex stone entrance signs
Stone Paver Engraved near Columbia SC

Versatile Stone Engraving to Meet Every Public or Private Sector Need

Most engravers are limited in what they are able to do on- or off-site. When you have a new need for a stone marker, the vendor you used last time might not be able to help you with the new project. But when you partner with us, we are able to handle any project with most types of stone and any detailed design or font. The next time you need stone engraving services, you’ll know you can turn to us, even if your needs have changed.

Do you have a particular stone you need us to work with? We are very versatile and can engrave many types of stone, including:

  • Slate
  • Basalt
  • Salt crystals
  • Flagstone
  • Granite and Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Polished Flat Surface of almost any Natural Stone

The Perfect Solution for Stone Engraving and Beyond

Not only can we handle almost every stone engraving need your organization could desire, we can also help you with other CNC engraving such as metal, wood, or concrete engraving. With one service provider for all of your CNC or Laser engraving needs, it will be easy to get any engraving job completed hassle-free.

Why work with us for your organization’s stone engraving needs?

  • We can work with almost any type of stone, large or small. We are able to do more with a larger surface.
  • We have experienced creating stone markers and custom stone engravings for many different applications and venues.
  • Our craftsmen have been trained directly by our owner, who himself is an expert in laser engraving techniques and equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about stone engraving below.

How do you determine if a bolder or stone is engravable?

The stone must have a relatively flat face and the larger the better. Otherwise, we can engrave most types of stone used for signage, plaques, and the like.

How large of an area can you engrave?

We are unlimited in our flexibility for your project. We can engrave any size stone, so long as it has a flat enough surface. We can even come to you with our portable CNC engraving machine. 

Can you laser engrave a picture onto stone?

Yes we can, but our computer assisted laser is not portable, and therefore we can not engrave photos in stones on site. If the stone is small enough to bring to us, we can engrave a photo of it in the house. In fact, we can engrave any design or font, no matter how intricate.

Can you engrave tombstones?

We’ve engraved non traditional headstones, using flagstone or slate. We have also been known to touch up headstones or grave stones. But we do not provide the tombstones and are unable to match manufacturers existing tooling. If you are interested in exploring other memorial stone engraving options, we are full of ideas and knowledge to help you make the best choice.

Example Gallery


Larry | Engraving

"Bolder Engraving is amazing! I met with Michael and presented him with an idea of a project I was working on and a sample of an image I found to include a engraving. A short time later he advised me that he couldn’t find my image in a high definition resolution he thought would be appropriate for my project, but offered instead an image he suggested would look better. He was spot on. The results were amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better job bringing my inspiration to fruition!"

Guy | Laser Engraved Tumblers

"Bolder engraving is phenomenal! It seems they can engrave just about anything. They made us these custom brumates for our business! They exceed expectations in quality and service!"

LaVonda | CNC Engraving

"My company recently designed a grand opening for a corporate client and Bolder Engraving made a beautiful logo sign for the event. The sign was absolutely and everyone loved it. We can not wait to work with them again!"

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